Truecaller & BBH Reveals New Brand for 250 M Users


A quarter of a billion people worldwide use Truecaller to stay ahead to anticipate who’s getting in touch, to filter out unwanted calls and to make faster calls. Since its inception in 2009, the company had grown to 250M users and expanded its original caller ID service to a suite such as Truecaller Pay, Truecaller SDK and Truecaller Priority to name a few. In a leap from being product- to consumer led, the rebranding was rolled out in collab with BBH Stockholm to align the entire service portfolio and enhance the overall visual user experience.

"The new wordmark comes from the centuries-old symbol of approval –
The signature."

Much similar to other rapidly growing tech startups, Truecaller's brand identity had become intertwined with their app which limited their design thinking to an app perspective. They came to BBH Stockholm in need for a brand that could encompass an evolving suite of services, functionality and partnerships. Something that would not only work today, but also tomorrow in the direction where they are heading at the speed of light.

“From a strategic perspective, the core offering is changing with a clutch of features being added to the interface. BBH Stockholm has been involved in the brand concept, identity, creating of new logotype, iconography, brand tonality and brand expression. The brand is getting ready to do the transition from being just an app to identify incoming callers to a full-fledged communication platform” - Kari Krishnamurthy, VP of Brand & Strategy at Truecaller.

The new wordmark was inspired by the centuries-old symbol of approval – The signature. The main logo carries the name of the hero product. By applying the handwritten style to the word True, it unlocked a system of sub brands such as Truecaller Pay, Truecaller SDK and Truecaller Priority to come alive to strengthen the mother brand.

The blue color was the key design element in the identity that built instant recognition amongst a vibrant community. The color sits deep inside their DNA, and to really shine, the blue colors have been slightly adjusted to pop and compliment each other.