The Short Route for Future-proofed Customer Experiences

Following a review of your app or website we give you clear, actionable recommendations on how to improve your user experience.

What it is

The Blueprint for Improved Customer Experiences

What if you could increase conversion rates, sales and retention rates of your digital products by taking your user experience to next level?

When you need it

When You Are Taking the Next Steps

The audit is suitable to execute upon when you need help identifying the pain and churn points of your digital services.

What we do

Evaluating Your Service

In combination of our experience of building and redesigning north of 150 apps and 100 websites, we look at your service from a user point of view with emphasis on their expectations at different stages of experience. We compare our findings against your goals and review the solution from a business perspective.

What you get

Recommendations So Clear Anyone Understands

  • Areas of improvements
  • Recommendations for prioritisation
  • Navigation suggestion
  • Information hierarchy
  • Critical and main user flows
  • Accessibility and readability
  • CTA-buttons
  • Wording, error and confirmation handling
  • Possibilities for user delight

Ballpark Estimate

"Flixit approached BBH with a first draft of their product and asked for a lightweight UX review together with a visual design update. The UX review consisted of a expert walkthrough of the product to point out possible improvements based on best practices, but also improvements on how the design could be tweaked to better support and drive behavior towards Flixit’s business goals – to collect as much rating data as possible and to funnel traffic into partner streaming sites. The UX review informed the continuation of the product development and helped out in pointing out key screens that got visual design treatments".

- CEO at Flixit

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