Email Marketing for Apps

Increase the retention rate of your apps by identifying how and when to use push notifications to draw your users back in.

What it is

Drafting a Bespoke Plan for Retention

What if you could lift your retention by reaching out to the right customers at the right time?

When you need it

For Increasing the Number of Returning Customers

The push notification strategy needs to be planned in advanced to be in line with KPIs and external communications. Execute on the plan before you are preparing for a new iteration of your app with the appropriate SDKs.

What we do

Easy Campaign Management

We combine our strategic experience with your customer insight to segment your user base and help you build a bespoke plan for retention using a CRM-tool to manage and track your future app campaigns.

What you get

A Strategic Plan + Implementation


  • The Strategic Plan
  • User base segmenting
  • Push CRM SDK integration

Ballpark Estimate

  • Standard solution: 40 hrs
  • Implementation add-on: 100 - 160 hrs + CRM license fee


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