From Business Idea to Instant Visual Prototype

Helping you to decide whether to progress with your idea, we co-create a visual prototype to test its market viability on both colleagues and customers.

What it is

From Idea To Prototype

What if you could transform your business idea into a high-fi prototype into the hands of your stakeholders in weeks?

When you need it

Get Instant Validation Before Investing Heavy

When you have a new business idea that you need to sell in to key stakeholders or test for viability and insights.

What we do

Convey The Minimum Enjoyable Product

We take your concept and functionality ideas and design key screens that help convey the core premise of the product. This is then worked into a visual clickable prototype.

What you get

A Prototype Showcase On Your Phone

  • Low-fi Invision Prototype
  • Hi-Fi Flinto Prototype

Ballpark Estimate

  • Low-fi Invision Prototype: 3 weeks
  • Hi-Fi Flinto Prototype: 4 weeks


"A technical prototype and real-life test that helped validate Vapiano’s digital strategy in 3 weeks"
- CEO of Vapiano

"We took our idea from our head to a business case, product strategy and working prototype in 2 months"
- Tech entrepreneur.

"From hypothesis to visual prototype in 3 weeks to put in the hands of our most senior client" 
- Director of Ventures of ZAG

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