A Visual Steering Document for Complete Project Overview

The Impact Map is a visual project outline keeping the whole organisation on-board with the project goals and assumptions in order to reduce risk and identify opportunities.

What it is

Steering Document for Product Owners

What if you could align all stakeholders and your team with a single visual steering document outlining the scope of the project and underlying assumptions?

When you need it

When You Need an Actionable Overview

An impact mapping is usually performed in the beginning of a project to deeper align the scope for all project participants and reduce risk in the overall project approach. It can also work as a stand alone product (pre-study) before the pretotype phase to align the strategic approach.

What we do

Aligning All Data Points

Together with the client, we'll conduct a workshop clarifying the project’s vision, purpose, impact goals and the users needs. The result is presented in a multi-level steering document with a strategic and tactic approach.

What you get

The Complete App Stores Package

  • Your digital product’s purpose
  • Impact goals
  • User needs groups
  • Suggested functions and characteristics

Ballpark Estimate

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