The speedometer of digital services

Helping you collect and surface all your most important data points in a glanceable overview to track the performance of your digital platform.

What it is

A Mobile-First Customised Analytics Dashboard

What if you could have a quick glance of your most business critical metrics of your digital services without having to get a university degree in analytics first?

When you need it

When Taking Informed Decisions

It is ideal when you need to make product decision supported by data or when you need to up-to-speed all stakeholders in a project without having to send out email invites to an advanced analytics solution.

What we do

End-To-End Analytics Integration

We help integrate your digital products with well known analytics platforms to access your product’s data. We tailor the dashboard through a custom branded web application.

What you get

A Dashboard Giving Better Overview

  • Delivered over a custom domain of your choice
  • Integrates with 10 custom data points through e.g Google Analytics, Firebase or GTM
  • Ability to display your app’s performance through 10 different customisable widgets

Ballpark Estimate

"Reporting on our most business critical KPIs is key for our product development moving forward"

- Head of Digital Platforms at Volvo

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